On the 2nd March 2019, we lost our beloved Raymond Gardner (wor Ray). This came as a big shock to us as Ray was in good health and earlier that day he was laughing and joking with everyone in the depot, whilst he was loading his van for his Saturday deliveries.

Ray joined DE Pharmaceuticals back in 1994 at 44 years of age as a Driver and soon covered every van route across the North East. Ray managed to build up an advanced knowledge of the routes and in 2013 was offered the job of Drivers Supervisor which he accepted.

Ray was devoted to his job and would often make excuses to come in and work his holidays to make sure everything was running smoothly and we used to have to chase him back out of the door.

Ray will always be a big miss in the depot as he was such a big, loud character with such a caring nature. He will forever be missed by us all.

Raymond Gardner 23rd August 1949 – 2nd March 2019